Saturated with patient, lab, and family responsibilities, Boston physicians and surgeons often struggle to find time for professional reflection and community building. A strenuous cadence of directive tasks blurt out self-reflection and time for relationships with colleagues in adjacent fields. Chabad medical Boston is pleased to offer Seminars, Symposiums and Shabbat dinners and much more to the Boston Medical community. While earning CME credit, participants will have the opportunity to explore how Jewish values influence medical ethics-driven decision making. Peers across specialties will have the opportunity to share their perspectives in an inclusive, collegial environment. Despite our technology and connectedness, there is no question that the wisdom of our ancestors has an essential role to play in the decisions we make in the present.

Advisory Board:

Erez Dayan, MD

Scott Vafai, MD

Avery Vafai, MD

Simcha Weller, MD

Nicole Phillips, MD

Richard Gaster, MD