Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish tradition which teaches the deepest insights into the essence of G-d, His interaction with the world, and the purpose of Creation. Kabbalah teaches the essential Jewish cosmology, integral to all other Torah disciplines. Sometimes called "the Inner Torah" or the "Wisdom of Truth", it offers a comprehensive overall structure and plan for the universe, as well as a detailed understanding of the particulars of our lives. The student of Kabbalah is made aware of the personal as well as the collective ontological collaboration with G-d in co-creating a better earth for all of creationand is encouraged to play an active part in it.

Rejuvenate your Monday mornings and join us to discuss, explore, and journey through the world of mystical teaching and learn how to apply these profound teachings to your daily life. 

Mondays from 7:30 - 8:30 AM

Coffee & Light Breakfast will be served.

No prior Kabbalistic knowledge required. 

A Project of Chabad Boston