The Boston Hebrew School provides and promotes the highest quality after-school Judaic education to a diverse community of Jewish children. Our curriculum is carefully designed to stimulate its students intellectually while connecting them to the building blocks of their culture and religion. 

Children at all levels of religious practice and Judaic knowledge are welcome to participate and contribute to an environment that is respectful, warm, and non-judgmental. Students from ages 3-12 are exposed to a curriculum intended to impart Hebrew reading/comprehension skills, knowledge of Jewish holidays, customs, and history, and a strong and lasting connection to the Jewish people. 

In a safe environment, proctored by child care professionals, Boston Hebrew School offers a unique and broad spectrum of interdisciplinary Electives professionally designed to cultivate the gifts and talents of our students. 

Our Hebrew School empowers parents to expose their children to their Jewish heritage in a fashion that is traditional, yet inclusive, convenient, and impactful. For our children, Judaism is an exciting, evolving, life-long experience foundationed in introspection, friendship, knowledge, and love for tradition. 


  • MUSIC: Music and Movement with Berklee School professionals. Melodic hooks and Klezmer-Jazz with instrumental instruction by Berklee musicians will make festivals and Jewish heritage themes become alive. In addition, learn how to play your own musical instrument. 
  • ART: Nothing like learning hands on with engaging art arrangements that nurture the child's imagination. Mosaics, Murals and vintage paint projects we’ll enable children to experience Jewish culture through creating their own artistic masterpieces.
  • DRAMA: The holidays of Passover, Chanukah, and Purim all become alive, in sound and color, through acting and plays. Professional actors will enable children to dramatize characters and bring to life the hero's of our people.  
  • HEBREW: Learn the Hebrew Alef-Bet and how to read the world's most ancient language! In addition, learn modern Hebrew, as it is spoken today in Israel and by millions of Jews all over the world. 


Boston Hebrew School meets every Tuesday at the Taj Hotel, from 4:00-5:30 PM, during the scholastic school year calendar of 2015 - 2016.

For Rates, Questions or more Information please contact us: 
Tel: 617.247.7100

Private Hebrew School sessions are also available. Kindly contact us for more details.