Young Professional Passover Seder

Why is Matzah the "Bread of Faith"?
What is the significance of the number 4?
 4 cups of wine? 4 questions? The 4 children? 

Celebrate together with fellow young professionals for a luxurious and contemporary Passover Seder that is both chic and meaningful. Relive the story of the Exodus and Experience the Liberation and Freedom of Passover with the 4 cups of wine, hand-baked Matzah and a delicious catered dinner, while we learn the eternal relevance of the Haggadah story in a warm, friendly and inclusive environment. 

First Night Seder: Friday, April 19
7:30 PM
(Candle Lighting & Socializing at 7:00 PM)

Second Night Seder: Saturday, April 20
8:00 PM

118 Beacon Street | Boston
(between Arlington & Berkeley)

* No one should be without a Seder due to lack of funds, please contact us for subsidized arrangements.
Email: or Call: 617.247.7100

Wishing you a Meaningful and Joyous Passover!