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SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2019

138 St. James Avenue | Boston

11:00 AM: Reading of the Ten Commandments
11:45 AM: Yizkor Memorial Service
12:00 PM: Gourmet Dairy Buffet

Special activities for children starting at 11:30!

Its the Holiday of Shavuot and that means its Dairy Time! When G-d gave us the 10 Commandments on Mt. Sinai, the Jews feasted with dairy foods, hence we commemorate this Holiday the same way!

The Holiday of Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah  to the Jewish people on Mount Sinai 3,331 years ago. Every year on this Holiday we rejuvenate our covenant with G-d through the study of Torah and the reading of the 10 commandments. 
(Shavuot is a two-day Holiday. It begins Saturday evening, June 8,  and concludes Monday night, June 10.) 

Join us to celebrate this Joyous and Delicious Holiday!

RSVP appreciated.

For more info, email: Info@BostonChabad.org
or call: 617.247.7100.


Saturday, June 8  - Shavuot First night: Light Candles after 9:11 PM
Sunday, June 9  - Shavuot Second night: Light Candles after 9:12 PM


1) Bo-ruch a-toh Ado-noi E-lo-hei-nu me-lech ho-olom a-sher ki-de-sha-nu be-mitz-vo-sov ve-tzi-vo-nu le-had-lik ner shel Yom Tov.
Blessed are you, L-rd our G-d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and has commanded us to kindle the light of the Festival Day.

2) Bo-ruch a-toh Ado-noi E-lo-hei-nu me-lech ho-olom she-he-che-ya-nu vi-kee-yi-ma-nu vi-hi-gee-an-u liz-man ha-zeh.
Blessed are you, L-rd our G-d, King of the universe, who has kept us alive and sustained us and let us reach this time.